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Pandemic writing opportunities

on July 17, 2020

Coronavirus has inspired even more people to write fiction. This is a good  thing because stuck at home or venturing out, anyone can take a leap into the world of their imagination. I have long argued that as humans we all need a creative outlet, be it gardening or cooking or painting. Writing is one of the most accessible forms of creativity because the resources required are no more than a piece of paper and a pen. And, with only the hand moving across the page, it’s not physically demanding either (although some of us do complain about writer’s bottom!)

In Dorset, our local history centre started a project in early April requesting people keep diaries of their experiences during the pandemic. The aim is to ensure that future generations can look back on the present day’s experience and understand the impact of Coronavirus across the county.  I look forward to reading the Corona Diaries when they are published.

There are loads of other opportunities to have your Coronavirus inspired writing published (and wonderful pieces to be read and enjoyed) on the following sites:

100 Words of Solitude Captures and records human responses to enforced or self-imposed isolation.

Pendemic Not a literary magazine for ordinary times, but a journal for an exceptional one. Writing the pandemic, together.

Lockdown BabyBabble A creative time-capsule on care-giving during lockdown.


I’ve been fortunate to have a piece of flash fiction published by The Great Margin which is a home for ‘stories about places and people living in and between the margins inspired by our writing world.’ You can read the story,  here. It draws upon my volunteering experience of supporting refugee women from South Sudan.


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