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Milking an idea

on July 23, 2020

I posted information last week about Covid19 writing opportunities and since then I’ve had two Coronavirus stories accepted for publication. Out of the Box is about cutlery trapped in a canteen during lockdown and it was shortlisted in the Staying Home competition run by Hammond House Publishing. You can read the story here.


Once I get an idea for a story, I figure it’s worth milking, so I wrote another Covid19 lockdown story this time related to the experience of a wedding ring confined to a jewellery box. This was published by Pandemic Magazine and you can read the story here. There’s a great illustration to accompany my story, so it’s worth popping over for a look.

I have a couple of other stories written along similar lines to the above but these share the experience of being on lockdown in a tool box and a pencil case. I reckon if you get a good idea it’s worth reusing it. What do you think?

It seems good news about publication sometimes comes in threes. As I’m subbing my contemporary novel This Much Huxley Knows to publishers and agents, my fingers are crossed for some positive news. You can read about the novel here.

2 responses to “Milking an idea

  1. jim bates says:

    Congratulations on the acceptances, Gail!! Way fo go.😀

  2. Pauline Howard says:

    What a great story, Gail. Congratulations

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