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Greetings from Vietnam

on April 7, 2013

Thank you to everyone who sent messages of support owing to my forthcoming redundancy. It really cheered me up to know so many people are behind me. I have completed a couple of job applications and I know there are a couple of posts that I’d be interested in coming up. Fortunately I haven’t had long to dwell on the situation because I’m currently in Vietnam. I met my Australian friend in Ho Chi Minh City on Tuesday and we’ve since spent a couple of days in Hoi An on the central coast. Weather has been boiling but slightly cooler today so we managed a bike ride to the beach. Here are some photos:

vegetable gardens

vegetable gardens



harvesting water spinach

harvesting water spinach

motorcycles in Saigon

motorcycles in Saigon

Randy's book exchange

Randy’s book exchange

Swan towels in the hotel bedroom

Swan towels in the hotel bedroom

The dinner bell is ringing – I’ve got to go. Stories from Vietnam coming soon!

2 responses to “Greetings from Vietnam

  1. FIELD ALAN says:


    Really sorry to hear about the redundancy – but hope you enjoy Nam!

    I always read your blogs.

    Drop me an e-mail on your return – as you know, I’ve some experience of redundancy scenarios.

    Lurve (as the late, great Barry White might have said)


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