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Creative Writing residency at the University of South Wales

on December 8, 2014

USW-logoNow in my second year of MPhil studies in creative writing, I face each residency with less trepidation. Last weekend was extremely positive. My creative writing supervisor, Stephen Knight, gave an analogy to the present state of my manuscript. Like a self-assembly chair, all I need to do is tighten it with an allen key. Feedback from my peers includes praise for the sex scenes (very worried about those) and agreement that the structure works (alternating narratives including the viewpoint of the main character as a ten-year-old and at 23). Phrases like ‘page-turner’ were even used!

So, with this encouragement, I press on.

2 responses to “Creative Writing residency at the University of South Wales

  1. Pauline Howard says:

    I totally admire you for your energy and dedication, Gail. You will get there!

  2. suesteph says:

    Ooh, I don’t remember the sex scenes being mentioned the last time we talked! Great feedback – keep on going!

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