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A few delights from Edinburgh

on May 15, 2021

We’ve been in Edinburgh for three weeks and are coming to love the city more and more. Previously, we’ve been here during the Edinburgh Book Festival and the Fringe in August, so spending spring in the city is a new experience. Edinburgh seems such a chilled place outside the summer rush. And the real pleasure has been discovering the walkways and paths that crisscross the city. Here are a few of our adventures.

On my sixtieth birthday, we walked to the summit of Arthur’s Seat. (This is the main peak from an ancient volcano that overlooks the city.) It’s very craggy at the top and I had to scamper up like a mountain goat. The views are spectacular. When we were walking down the other side, we met an elderly woman carrying a shopping bag who was on her way up. We stepped aside to let her pass and my husband told her she was nearly at the top. She replied, ‘Och, I know that. I’m taking a short cut home from my Tai Chi class.’ If I’m that fit at her age, I’ll be very happy.

We are renting a flat in Stockbridge which is a few minutes from the walkway of the Water of Leith. From there we can stroll to the sea or go further around the city. The paths are like nature reserves although recently there’s been a distinct pong from the wild garlic. (The figure in the water is by Anthony Gormley.)

Today we walked along the Edinburgh and Glasgow Union Canal then took a turning back to Stockbridge along the Water of Leith.

Who knows what walking joys await us next week.

8 responses to “A few delights from Edinburgh

  1. Suzanne Goldring says:

    Exciting! Arthur’s Seat features in One Day too.

  2. jim bates says:

    I love the fact that you are taking a holiday where you can be in one place for a time and get out to walk and get to know the area and enjoy the sights. It sounds delightful. Great photos, too!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. Catherine Randall says:

    Looks wonderful Gail! Happy Birthday too!

  4. It’s years since I was last in Edinburgh, but I remember climbing to Arthur’s Seat one time. Not that easy. I certainly didn’t scamper up.

    Looks like you had some sun too. I remember the city with great fondness, but always under heavy cloud with rain threatening if not actually falling.

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